What we do

Basically, deliver messages.

When we are commissioned to build a website, we need to know what the message is that you want to send. It could be how great you are, how much better than your competitors your are, or simple factual information like your price list or phone number.

The people you want to reach are your audience, and that audience might be divided into different groups. For example, your existing customers, potential new customers, your suppliers, people in the industry, the general public, trade or public sector organisations, etc. It could be a long list.

The message you want to send to each group might be different, and delivering the message may not be the only objective. You might want the visitor to make a purchase, fill in a contact form, or share some content on social media.

That's where we bring real value. We help you to refine those messages and deliver them efficiently, by designing the website to present the relevant message to the right people and encourage them to reach the objective.

That means building an effective navigation structure, to help people get to where you want them to go on the website easily and quickly.

It means carefully designing the structure of the data that the website is built on, so the right information is delivered in the right place.

It means considering the user experience at all times, to ensure that visitors come away with a positive impression of your organisation, have received and understood your message, and have fulfilled the objective whatever that may be.

It means built-in search engine optimisation, social media integration, analytics, and many other things.

It's not just all the techie stuff like HTML and javascript. That's just the medium. The message is more important.

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